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If you have an axe throwing reservation, please plan to ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY! 

Also, you must wear or bring CLOSED-TOE SHOES (save the piggies :)).

 All reservations are for 75 minutes in a Public Range | $35 per person 

This includes approximately 10-15 minutes of safety & instruction. To book longer times, please email us.

 To have a Private Range, purchase 8 -10 tickets 

If you do not reserve at least 8 spots, you may be placed with other guests, but we say it's an awesome way to make new friends!

 Have between 11-20 people? 

You will be split on two lanes with 10 people in one and the remaining people sharing an adjacent range with other guests. To have two ranges to yourselves, you must book 16 spots! You will then be able to bring up to 20 and pay for the extras onsite.

Groups larger than 20, please contact us HERE

Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to check in & sign waivers.

Must bring/wear closed-toe shoes. Save the Piggies!

Are You A Bar
How Much

Are you a bar where we can just come & have drinks & food?

Yes! Get your axe in here and listen to some music, have a drink, some food, and chill in our gorgeous lodge-like lounge. We have board games to help you relax by the fireplace. UNO, anyone?



How much does this kick axe activity cost & do I have to pay up front?


The cost is $35+tax/pp for the 75 minute range reservation and you pay when you make the reservation online. Normal reservations are fully refundable up until 24 hours before. Book HERE



Walk ins - How do they work?

We welcome walk-ins! There may not be immediate availability to throw axes but you can book for a later time and have a drink & some food! To guarantee availability, definitely reserve your Kick Axe experience online! Plus, we offer FULL REFUNDS up until 24 hours before your time slot so you have time to change your mind! Sorry, but if you cancel within 24 hours there is no refund :'( 


For current start times, click HERE and select the date you want to walk in.

If it shows spaces are available, your best bet is to just reserve the spots!

Do I need a large group to throw?

Nope! Any groups that aren't large enough to fill a full lane (8-10 guests) may be paired with other lumberjacks looking to throw - we think of it as a fun way to make new friends.


If you would like a Private Range to yourselves, simply reserve 8-10 tickets. 

Have between 11 and 20 people? 

You will be split on two lanes with 10 people in one and the remaining people sharing an adjacent range with other guests. To have two ranges to yourselves, you must book 16 spots! You will then be able to bring up to 20 and pay for the extras onsite.

Can we just get a range to ourselves?


YES!  If you would prefer to throw alone you can purchase 8-10 tickets and make the lane private for your group. 

What if we have a lot of lumberjacks? Say, 20 or more?


Just contact one of our lumberjack coordinators - yes, those do exist. Contact them HERE.


We are all booking separately so we can pay for ourselves. Will we get to throw together?


Let us know if you are booking with other parties by emailing us at We will do our best, but the only foolproof way is to create one booking under one name. Having them Venmo or Zelle you is better than potentially being separated.



What ages can throw at Kick Axe?


Ages 8 and up as long as they have the strength and coordination to effectively throw a hatchet as judged by our Axe Pro. All children must be under the immediate control of an adult! Officially, there must be 1 adult per 3 kids aged 8 - 14; kids 15 - 17 just need one adult per range. Ages 7 & under are not allowed on site. Sorry!


We have implemented a cool solution for kids who just aren't sticking the axe - they throw one of our foam axes and score wherever they hit the target! This way they can compete with the adults. Yay!



What is your Lateness Policy?



If you are 10+ minutes late, you will be asked to move to the next available time slot – if any are available! OR you will receive a credit to visit another time.

If you arrive after your start time and do not have the range to yourselves, you may not be allowed to join the range. Why? Our axe instructors use the beginning of each throwing session to instruct all throwers on our safety guidelines and instructions. We cannot stop gameplay for the guests who arrived on time to go through the safety protocol again with you/your group (and then you'll be mad at us and start crying, and then we'll start crying, and it'll be messy AF. So please just come early!) 

If you know you will be running late please email or call us at (800) 850-6756


Can we bring our own food and/or drink?

We have an amazing menu & full bar! Check out our menus HERE. If you just want to bring cupcakes, you are able to bring them to any type of reservation (just as long as they're store-bought (per health code)). You may bring a store bought birthday cake but we require a Special Event table. Just email us at Please note we cannot allow ice cream cake or home-made cake or cupcakes ever (health code).  

No BYOB is allowed, as we do have a bar on site.



Does Kick Axe sell alcohol & food?

We cannot have hangry, thirsty axe chuckers, so we have a FULL BAR & delicious food menu! ID required for the alcohol. Check out our menus HERE!


Do you offer catering?


Absolutely! Please contact us HERE to arrange. Or view all of our fun packages HERE.


Birthday Parties, Team Building, Bachelor(ette) Parties... are they hard to arrange?

We make it easy! If you don’t want food or just want to bring in store-bought cupcakes, just make a regular booking for an ENTIRE range (8 -10 tickets). Or 16 tickets for two ranges, and you will then be able to bring up to 20 and pay for the 1 - 4 extras onsite.


Note – you need a private range to bring in cake or cupcakes so you need to book a minimum of 8 tickets


If you do plan on having food packages other than just store-bought cupcakes, you must book through our Special Events department! This way, we can guarantee that the ranges assigned to your group have space for food. Check out our Special Events Packages or contact us HERE to learn more!


Our Special Events department can also help you book for groups larger than 10 to ensure ranges are next to each other and start at the same time, or if you want a longer session. For weekend events, try to contact us as far in advance as possible!

The Events team is available from 10 - 6 pm Monday through Friday.


Can I book an event outside of your normal hours?


Absolutely! Just email us HERE. More information can be found on our Special Events page HERE



What is your cancellation policy?


Oh, no you don't! You can't chicken out! Just kidding. You will get a FULL REFUND up to 24 Hours in advance of your time. Sorry but within 24 hours there are no refunds. :'(


If you book a Special Event, you will have separate cancellation deadlines outlined in your contract.


Can I change or cancel my booking online?


Yes! Up until 24 hours before your reservation, just go to your confirmation email and click the blue Modify Reservation button or White Cancel Reservation button (only available up until 24 hours prior to your reservation). You will be able to change the date & time (if available) or cancel. Sorry, there are no refunds within 24 hours of your start time.



Will we be taught how to throw?


Yes, you will have an Axe Pro that not only teaches the rules, but coaches you on how to throw as well as teach you some fun games to compete with your fellow lumberjacks!



What should I wear? Do I have to wear a plaid shirt?


We have only two requirements:


     *Closed-toe shoes (no high heels even if they are closed-toe)


     *A shirt which gives you full range of motion.



Are you handicap accessible? Can I throw if I am in a wheelchair?


10-4 on both of those!

Is your venue eco-friendly?


Yes, we are! We use StrawFish®'s biodegradable cups and straws for sustainable sips! 



Can I bring my own axe?


Unfortunately, our insurance guy says no (this does not apply to leagues). 


Do Axe Pros accept tips?


Tipping is never required but always appreciated! Our Axe Pros will do their best to make your experience fun and exciting. It is nice to show them some love! If you don't have cash, our Axe- Pros take Venmo (an awesome cash app) and/or have a Square reader for credit cards.  



How do I find Kick Axe?


Kick Axe Philly is located on Market Street right in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia – doors away from Sonny's Steaks, Mac's Tavern (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), & Sto's. Our address is 232 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19106.


What is Public Transportation like to Kick Axe?


We are 300 feet from the 2nd Street Station on the Blue Line! Click HERE to open google maps with us pre-entered with Public Transit selected for directions.




  • 57 Bus Line to 3rd St & Market Street Stop

  • 17 Bus Line to Market Street & 3rd Street Stop

  • 33 Bus Line to Market Street & 3rd Street Stop

  • 8 Bus Line to Market Street & 3rd Street Stop


What is parking like near Kick Axe?


There is metered street parking and several parking lots located nearby.  


Luckily, we have some great attractions nearby if you want to come to the area early. We’re walking distance from the Liberty Bell! 


REMEMBER: We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your start time!



What does the layout of the venue look like?


Take a peep!

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