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hyper axe

projected axe throwing experience

Hyper Axe puts an interactive spin on the regular axe-throwing experience... with REAL AXES! Whether you're throwing solo or with a team, choose from a variety of immersive game options from Tic-Tac-Toe to Battleship. With cutting-edge technology, the digital scoring system keeps score FOR you, so you can focus on kicking some serious AXE. 


Reserve a Hyper Axe Lane at NO extra cost!

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  Public Axe Throwing | $34 per person  


 All reservations are 75 minutes including about 10-15 minutes of safety & instruction. 

To book longer times, please reach out to us HERE

 Want a Private Range? 

Purchase 8 -10 tickets.

 Have between 10 and 20? 

You will be split on two lanes with 10 people in one and the remaining people sharing an adjacent range with other guests. To have two ranges to yourselves, you must book 16 spots! You will then be able to bring up to 20 guests with those extra guests (1 - 4) paying the normal rate upon arrival.

 What if we have a lot of lumberjacks? Say, more than 20?  

Please contact one of our lumberjack coordinators - yes, those do exist, HERE or call (833) KICK – AXE (542-5293).

Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to check in & sign waivers.

Must bring/wear closed-toe shoes. Save the Piggies!

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