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*no prior skill required!

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Kick Axe is excited to offer leagues that are team-oriented yet also have INDIVIDUAL winners to satisfy ALL competitors! BUT MOSTLY, IT IS ABOUT HAVING FUN & MEETING PEOPLE!

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League will consist of team competitions, but an individual winner will also be named, and receive a Kick Axe Championship Belt! Each team will be made up of four members, and they will square off against other teams. The winning team will be awarded cash and have their names immortalized under our Kick Axe Championship Belt in our venue. Additional team prizes will also be awarded to top finishers! ​


While you are signing up, please indicate who the other members of your team are so we can pair you up together. Single throwers are super welcome!! This is a kick axe way to meet new people.


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Please confirm your subscription in the email just sent. Thanks!


1st place Team

  • Nameplate immortalizing your team 4-eva & eva on the Championship Belt Board

  • Photo Op with Team Championship Belt 

  • $600 Cash

1st place Individual Winner

  • Championship Belt!  

  • Cash Prize – $500

2nd place Individual Winner

  • Cash Prize – $300

  • Certificate


MONDAY NIGHTS 7:00 - 10:00 PM

► Each league will have 64 spots available. AGES 21 + only.
► We will crown our champions at the Awards Party scheduled for Week 7!

League Cost: $175   


  • Every week we will have vendor give-aways, discounted drinks and food.

  • HH food and drink menus will always be available for league members.

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Ages 21+




  • Report to the appropriate range when your name is called and wait for your adversary.

  • Lane choice decided by odds and evens if necessary.

Three practice throws before the first match and one for every subsequent match.


❖Board Changes


  • Board changes can only be requested before the match begins. Once the lanes have been decided you may only request a board change for your lane.

  • When ready, tap axes in a safe and courteous manner. This signals the end of warm-ups and the beginning of the match.


❖Game Time


  • A match consists of 10 throws, five in each lane of your range. After your first five throws, tap axes, switch lanes and complete your final five throws. Whoever has the highest score after 10 throws is the winner.

  • On the fifth & tenth throws, players can call and go for the "Ringer" shot. Player who is in the lead on those shots throws first. If the score is tied, the player on the left throws first.

  • In the event of a tie, a sudden-death throw-off will take place until a winner is decided. Points are not counted towards the total score of the match for sudden death. Players must throw at the same time on the count Ready, 3 - 2 - 1 - Throw. The "Ringer" shot is active on this throw but does not need to be called.


❖Points! Points! Points!


  • 5 points for the bullseye, 4 points for the 2nd ring, 3 points for the 3rd ring, 2 points for the 4th ring, 1 point for the 5th ring & 10 points for the red dots, also known as the "Ringer" shot.

  •  The "Ringer" shot is only available on the fifth, tenth and sudden death throws.  On sudden death throws, the coach will provide a countdown of “Ready, 3 - 2 - 1 - Throw!” Axes MUST be thrown at relatively the same time when the coach yells “Throw!” If an axe hits the target before the second player's axe leaves their hands, the late thrower will be given 0 points. If an axe is thrown before “Throw!” is said, the early thrower will be given 0 points. In either scenario, the thrower who is not at fault is given the option to throw theirs again.

  • Regular season rank based on points scored with wins & losses being the tie breaker.

  • If the axe sticks in between two different points, the higher point is awarded. The axe only needs to break the paint of the higher point to be awarded.

  • An axe only needs to break paint to be awarded the "Ringer" shot. If it does not, player is awarded the value of where it sticks on the target.

  • If the axe falls out before it is retrieved from the target, then the throw will be counted a 0.  

  • Members are responsible for keeping the rate of play moving. Any unnecessary or unsportsmanlike delays will result in a fault and the thrower will be given a 0.




  • Members are only permitted to throw one or two-handed overhead throws, and the axe must complete one full rotation.

  • Players must have one foot completely behind the throwing line before their throw starts (175”).

  • Step throws are allowed but axe must move before motion starts and players must not cross the front of the fault line at any point during their throw or their opponent’s throw (122”).




  • Players can arrive up to 30 minutes late or leave 30 minutes early based on the official league start and end times without the possibility of a forfeit, as long as they have informed the league master.

  • Absences during the duration of your league need to be reported to the league master so they can schedule your matches appropriately. We do our best to accommodate, but excessive absences, lateness or “no call, no-shows” will result in forfeits for that night’s matches.




  • League members are encouraged to bring their own axe as long as it falls within the specifications below, is approved by the league master before use, and given that you follow all outlined safety rules. We will provide house axes for league nights, but they are only to be used during league play. We also won’t be able to guarantee the condition of them from week to week.

  • House axes are never to leave the range and guests' axes are to be kept with them and properly sheathed & holstered at all times when not throwing.


❖Axes must fit the following specs to ensure we aren’t using axes that are not suitable for the style of indoor axe throwing we do here.


  • Fully serviceable with no loose, broken or heavily damaged parts.

  • Handle must be at least 12” long (counting what’s in the eye) and can be made of wood, metal, plastic, etc.

  • Blade must be no longer than 4”.

  • One piece axe specs: (This means the metal head extends down into the handle. Also known as half or full tang.) Total weight must be between 1.5lbs - 3lbs.

  • Two piece axe specs: (This means the head can be removed from the handle and replaced with another if needed.) Total weight must be between 1.5 - 2.5lbs.

  • League master must approve all member axes and make the final call.

  • Exceptions can be made by the league master, but they will have the final say.

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