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The Basic Techniques of Throwing an Axe

Whether you are embarking on your first axe-throwing adventure, throwing in your local league or competing in a tournament, these fundamentals of axe throwing apply.

When you go axe throwing at a reputable venue, an Axe Pro will always be present in the range to coach these fundamentals and guide you through your experience. You’ll get about 10 minutes minutes of instruction before trying out your axe-throwing skills. When trying axe throwing for the first time, you may find it beneficial to come prepared. Before setting off on your axe-throwing journey, check out the basic techniques of throwing an axe.

Technique for beginners: Two-handed technique

When first starting out, acclimate yourself with a beginner’s throwing technique. Following a more basic technique allows you to focus on getting your axe to stick on the target and worry less about stance. Check out this beginner’s technique, which is typically the one taught by the Axe Pros.

Step one: Get a Grip

There are a few different two-handed grips out there, but the crossed thumb grip is one of the simplest to begin with. First, take your dominant hand and shake hands with the axe at the bottom of the handle just above the knob. Second, take the palm of your non-dominant hand and cover your dominant hand. Third, cross your thumbs to form an “X” on the back of the handle. Make sure the blade is perfectly straight.

Step two: Stance

Now that you have a proper grip, you want to form a stable platform to throw from. First, square up to the target. Second, step forward with your non-dominant foot and shift your weight forward. Third, extend your arms forward and point the axe at the target. Again, make sure the blade is perfectly straight.

Step three: Throw the axe

Once your stance is right, it’s time to throw your axe. In one motion, shift your weight to your back leg bringing the axe high over your head all the way back in between your shoulder blades and then immediately shift your weight back onto your front leg bringing the axe back over your head. Once more, it is important to keep the blade of the axe perfectly aligned with the target throughout this motion. Do not let your wrists rotate to the left or right. When your wrists start to come down over your forehead you are going to release the axe with both hands at the same time with your arms extended forward and continue to follow through with your arms like a person crossing the finish line. Don’t flick your wrists, don’t fire it down there. It’s all about technique, not strength. Always start from the same position and move in one fluid motion until the end position and don’t forget to follow through.

Once you’ve mastered the two-handed technique, you may wish to expand your horizons and try the one-handed technique. Check with your Axe Pro if you want to try and they can determine if you are ready.

Technique for axexceptional throwers

Once you’ve gone axe throwing a few times, you may wish to expand your horizons and try a new technique. This technique is a bit more complicated and is designed for those throwers who are axeceptional with the beginner’s technique.

Step one: Hold the axe

Get a strong hold on your axe’s handle with your dominant hand. It’s important that you grip it firmly and at the middle bottom of the axe handle. This throw will be one-handed and underhand, so make sure when you put your hand down, the blade is facing the target. The axe blade will be moving past your leg on this throw, making it essential to keep the blade straight and your wrist and elbow locked.

Step two: Swing back

Swing your arm back, keeping your wrist and elbow locked and straight. The axe should still be facing the target and be straight. Take this opportunity to check your stance and ensure you’re standing correctly.

Step three: Release and relaxe

Swing your arm forward, keeping your elbow and wrist locked. When the axe gets to the height of your belt buckle—or where a belt buckle would be if you’re not actually wearing a belt—release it. There’s no need to flick your wrist, simply release the axe and watch it fly toward your target on its own.

If you live in or around Washington, DC, axe throwing at Kick Axe Throwing’s newest location is sure to be a great spot to test your techniques and hone your axe-throwing skills.

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Unknown member
Sep 27, 2021

Great help! I have been playing axe throwing and the feeling is terrifying in the actual scenario. I can't express the thrill I felt when we entered axe throwing venue when we visited last month.

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