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Benefits of Learning How to Throw an Axe

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Benefits of Learning How to Throw an Axe

Axe-throwing is a fun sport for some people, an exciting hobby for others, and a unique night out for the rest! It’s a great way to spend some time doing something new or practicing a new skill. Taking up axe-throwing is a good choice for many reasons—here are the main benefits of learning how to throw an axe.

Stress relief

Nothing gets the stress out quite like flinging an axe at a board and watching it land perfectly on target with a satisfying thud. Seriously, though, have you ever been so worked up you just needed to fling an axe at something? Learning how to throw an axe allows you to do so without the pesky consequences of leaving a hole in your bedroom wall.


You’re always saying you need to hit the gym or go on a run. Run and sweat at a smelly gym no longer—throwing an axe is cardio enough! Lifting the axe into the proper flinging position uses muscle groups you probably don’t use in your day-to-day life. Throwing it forward hard enough to stick on the wooden board also takes some cardiovascular activity. You’ll be working out and having fun all at the same time.

Social activity

No matter what kind of axe-throwing you’re doing, whether it’s competitive or simply for fun, it’s a guaranteed great social event. You have all the makings of a fun social activity: friends, a talking point, drinks, and an engaging activity.

Self-defense tactic

Axe-throwing isn’t just fun—it’s also a useful life skill. You never know when having the ability to flawlessly hit a target with an axe might come in handy. The zombie apocalypse could come any day, and our philosophy is that it’s better to know how to throw some axes at the undead and not need to than to need to throw some axes at the undead and not know how to. Don’t risk it—learn how to throw an axe today.

Axe-throwing is a growing trend across the nation. You can host parties, go out for a fun date night, have a team-building event with your coworkers, or even join an axe-throwing league. Check out our Philadelphia axe-throwing bar location today to start reaping the benefits of learning how to throw an axe.


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