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The Importance of Team Building Activities

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Team building is an essential part of a business running smoothly. Employees that feel part of a cohesive team will work smarter and harder for your company.

When a company’s employees get along and feel they are all working together as integral parts of a team, work tends to be more productive. Small breaks for socialization and fun can go a long way in productivity and focus. People who feel valued and accepted at their place of work are typically more loyal to the company, work harder at their jobs, and feel more fulfilled in their careers. One way is to provide employees with some fun social time while building the mentality of a cohesive team. Check out this guide on the importance of team building activities.

It provides employees a chance to bond

Team building is an important chance for employees from one or multiple departments to bond with each other. When employees have the chance to get to know their coworkers better, they may find that they have some things in common with each other. Forming work friendships and finding common ground with coworkers can motivate employees and help them to look forward to coming to work every day. Especially in offices that allow regular work from home, any chance to bond with employees makes a difference in a workday.

Provides opportunities for people to work together

When participating in team building exercises, coworkers need to work together to complete a task. For example, if your company decides to put together a team building exercise for its employees by going axe throwing, your employees will have to create teams. Within those teams, the employees will have to strategize and encourage each other to work as a cohesive unit to defeat the other team. Working together on a fun activity will help your employees to build the skills necessary to work as a unit in their workdays and on projects.

Incites friendly competition

Team building exercises incite some friendly competition between teams. When you plan a team building exercise, you will most likely have your employees split into teams that are competing against each other. Some companies divide their teams by department to improve bonds within a department, while others mix departments to encourage intracompany relations to improve. Friendly competition between coworkers can lead to lots of fun and bonding. They will get to see each other’s competitive sides and have fun with those they typically only see in a work setting.

Axe throwing is the perfect team building exercise for a company to bond, compete, and learn to better work together as a cohesive team unit. You can take your employees for a fun evening of throwing axes at a bar, and really get to know them while developing a better idea of how they can work together to accomplish goals.


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