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Top Reasons to Go Axe Throwing with Your Family

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Top Reasons to Go Axe Throwing with Your Family

Coming up with family-friendly activities is a task and a half. Especially as your children start to grow into “big kids,” it gets harder and harder to find an activity they’ll want to do so badly that they’re willing to be seen with you in public. Maybe you can’t stomach the idea of another kid’s movie at the theater, or the thought of throwing another bowling ball makes your head spin like a bowling pin. If you’re out of ideas and need a fun way to make memories with your family, look no further than axe throwing. We know, arming your children with axes seems like a recipe for disaster—but it’s way safer than you may think! Here are some top reasons to go axe throwing with your family.

Kid-friendly accommodations

Although kiddos less than eight-years-old are not permitted, sometimes even children eight and up have trouble putting enough strength behind their axe to get it to stick in the target. To make sure they stay safe (and can keep up with their parents’ throws), foam axes are available. They can get points according to where their foam axe hits, so they’ll be able to compete more readily.

Healthy outlet for competition

Especially if you have multiple children, you know sibling rivalry’s never-ending struggle. Help them get that hearty competitive spirit out in a healthy manner by fostering competition within the game. You could even form teams and play a parents-versus-kids round to get them to build a teamwork rapport and work together to defeat you.

Stress relief for the whole family

This one is more for the parents—after all, raising kids is hard and stressful work. Many parents find it more difficult to create bonding time with their kids as they grow into the dreaded pre-teen and teen stages. Take a night off from arguing about homework and household chores and throw an axe. Throw your stress away and feel that sweet satisfaction as your axe hits the target.

Fun family photo-op

Parents know how impossible it is to get a good family photo. Staged photos are tough—someone’s always pouting, one kid is constantly asking if you’re done yet, and you seem to blink in every single one. Taking a quick family photo worthy of your holiday card is simple when everyone’s already smiling and having a great time—plus, what a unique backdrop!

Easy cardio

Skip the gym and get your exercise in with axe throwing! This is a unique way to encourage active hobbies in your children, have fun, and build muscle without even noticing. While axe throwing is low-impact enough for older kids, it’s still guaranteed to get your blood moving.

For a family-friendly, truly Kick Axe time, come check out our exciting location in Philly for axe throwing. We can also handle birthday parties, family reunions, and more exciting group outings.


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